founded by Gregor Comploi PT MSc

After many experiences in physiotherapy training around the world and based on the big effort needed to attend international courses, Gregor Comploi has a vision:

You can access the Body Learn Platform from anywhere you are through your computer or smartphone for learning from the best physiotherapy programs.


Our Guiding Goal

Provide an online learning experience that is of high quality, affordable, convenient, and easy accessible, will never change.

We give the possibility to physiotherapists to get the best training with one click. We help physical therapists around the world grow.

The establishment of Body Learn was the first step in Online Courses and Education for Health Professionals.

  • A willingness to collaborate;
  • High levels of motivation;
  • An appreciation for others;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Passion for lifelong learning.

About The Founder

More than 16 years of experience in physiotherapy working with many elite athletes and treated more then 100 olympic athlete. Gregor Comploi is a university lecturer, teaching also postgraduate courses since more than 13 years and runs 2 clinics in Italy.

Never perfect, but always in continuous movement to improve and improveā€¦